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The No Gimmes Podcast talks to professional golfers, teaching professionals, and innovators in the golfing world so they can share their story with you. The culture of golf is shifting, and I want this show to be your way of understanding where the game is headed by hearing it from the people who are influencing it the most. 


No Gimmes aims to sit down with people in golf to discuss everything from swing mechanics and love for the game, to pre round rituals to ensure good play on the course.

May 23, 2017

Chris and Patrick discuss taking good golf photos, loving golf, having fun, and share positive experiences the game has brought them throughout their lives.


Patrick is a sales guy by trade, but an epic golf photographer behind the scenes. His images can be found on his instagram @pjkoenig or on his blog at After scrolling through his blog, you’ll quickly be overcome with admiration and a slight bit of envy at the quality of photos and golf courses Patrick has photographed effectively and played. It was a pleasure to sit down and pick his brain about everything from what gear he brings with him on his golf trips, to his attitude on maintaining an effective work life balance.

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