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The No Gimmes Podcast talks to professional golfers, teaching professionals, and innovators in the golfing world so they can share their story with you. The culture of golf is shifting, and I want this show to be your way of understanding where the game is headed by hearing it from the people who are influencing it the most. 


No Gimmes aims to sit down with people in golf to discuss everything from swing mechanics and love for the game, to pre round rituals to ensure good play on the course.

May 15, 2018

Daniel Mazziotta is a self proclaimed golfing dirtbag and he joins me on this week's show to discuss the virtues and importance of finding your comfort zone and pushing your comfort zone. Dan marches to the beat of his own drum, and it's evident when you talk to him that he's going to do things his way and see where it takes him.

- Dan talks about the importance of doing things that push your comfort zone while also balancing playing good golf

- We go over his dirtbag image

- How he balances his lifestyle with the lifestyle of a professional golfer

- How he "flies the weird flag" every day


Enjoy the episode!