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The No Gimmes Podcast talks to professional golfers, teaching professionals, and innovators in the golfing world so they can share their story with you. The culture of golf is shifting, and I want this show to be your way of understanding where the game is headed by hearing it from the people who are influencing it the most. 


No Gimmes aims to sit down with people in golf to discuss everything from swing mechanics and love for the game, to pre round rituals to ensure good play on the course.

Mar 12, 2018

Scott White is bringing Ben Hogan Golf back from the dead. The company filed for bankruptcy in early 2017, shortly after Scott was brought on the team. 

Since then, Ben Hogan Golf has taken a risk and is building a new model that they hope will lead Ben Hogan Golf into a powerful position in the golf industry. By implementing a risky, factory direct model, which Scott breaks down in this podcast, Ben Hogan Golf is becoming the first golf company to take out the middle men of big box stores. 

In this episode, Scott talks about:

  • What other companies he looks to for inspiration
  • How he sees opportunity in places where others don't
  • His career trajectory in the golf industry
  • What he's most excited about with Ben Hogan Golf
  • The opportunity that lies with millennial golfers
  • His opinion on rolling the golf ball back