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The No Gimmes Podcast talks to professional golfers, teaching professionals, and innovators in the golfing world so they can share their story with you. The culture of golf is shifting, and I want this show to be your way of understanding where the game is headed by hearing it from the people who are influencing it the most. 


No Gimmes aims to sit down with people in golf to discuss everything from swing mechanics and love for the game, to pre round rituals to ensure good play on the course.

Aug 8, 2017

Very fun chat with the boys over at SuperSpeed Golf, the #1 overspeed training tool for golf. We talk about what overspeed training is, their personal fitness and teaching philosophies, and the importance of training efficiently. 

Its fun to talk to rebels who have a new and unique perspective that they bring to the game. Golf is a funny sport, and good players are very set in their ways. Kyle and Mike think differently, train differently, and talk differently about the game. Check out the episode and their website for a better understanding of their perspective on the game.